Peru Trip by Kryta Deere

It is a foggy, gray November Day. As I am sitting in my living room chair, looking at the bare trees swaying in the stormy winds, I am overcome by a feeling of being disoriented, disconnected from the past and on the verge of stepping into a new reality that somehow requires letting go of everything familiar and created by me. It is as if my experiences during my month-long trip to Peru have helped me come to closure with many cellular memories of several life-times and related karmas, paving the way for another round of experiences.

It is safe to say that the trip was the highpoint of my life. I somehow knew that the time to do it was now, while I still had the stamina and energies required for the exertions and assaults hiking, trail-riding and camping in elevations of up to15,000 feet would have on my physical body. It was a Shamanic Trip to Mystical Peru, an Initiation into the Secret and Sacred Teachings of a people who – due to their relative isolation in the high mountains- are still in touch with the esoteric knowledge of their lineage. The organizer was Jade Chabot, native Montrealer and a student of Dr. Alberto Villoldo’s Lightbody School in Utah .

The itinerary revolved around the Interior Voyage toward the Discovery and Reconnection of Self. Starting in the Amazonian Jungle of Eastern Peru we were assisted- with the help of sacred plant medicine- in the liberation of our fears, of death and of the ego. Cuzco , the Sacred Valley and Machu Picchu were the destination for the second segment in the West, the reconnection with Spirit: the Condor, the Mountains, Pachamama and nourishing the Soul. Under the guidance of 5 Shamans we ceremoniously released negative thought and behaviour patterns and were “baptized” in cold mountain streams. The next portion of the trip was devoted to a spiritual vision quest. High in the Andes our Shamans guided us to reconnect with the masculine and feminine energies in us On the third segment, the Interior Voyage toward the South and Lake Titicaca , we were presented with the opportunity to rid ourselves of our past, to get purified by water, heal the sacred feminine within us und to rebirth ourselves. The last portion was spent in the North, the Pacific Coastal towns of Trujillo and Chiclayo , where we visited archeological sites of the ancient Moche people, and witnessed our own maturation, opening of the Heart Chakras and Vision.

I personally experienced many clearings, physical, emotional and spiritual. It seemed as if all my body systems cleansed and unblocked themselves, depending on the chakras and organs involved in the “despatchos”. I still suffer from a cough and chest-cold but know that this is just another clearing of stuff that blocked my sinuses and prevented me from seeing clearly with my third eye. So now I am sitting here, dumbfounded and waiting for the new reality to form. Somehow I have the feeling that something drastic is about to happen, but I am ready to accept it, whatever the outcome.

Wishing you Love and Light,


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