Inca Medicine Wheel


The Incan Medicine Wheel is a four-fold path, a map of transformation,  a journey of personal healing to step into your becoming.  Informing and enriching the Medicine Wheel is a body of wisdom that Shamans of Peru have passed on orally since the beginning of time.  The Medicine Wheel guides participants on their personal soul journeys and re-connects them with nature.

Experience ceremonies, rituals of transformation, shamanic journeys, powerful healing techniques to acquire the rainbow body, and shamanic breathing. Receive ancient Rites of Passage. 

Develop a Mesa, the Shaman’s Altar, a personal power bundle and a medicine bag of healing stones. Work extensively with nature, and invite a dialogue with her.

Classes are located in the stunning Laurentians of Quebec in Ste-Marguerite du Lac Masson 1 hr North of Montreal.

Participants will gather for three full day periods, four times throughout a one-year cycle to complete the four directions of the Medicine Wheel.

The Four Directions of the Incan Medicine Wheel

The Serpent path of the South
We begin our journey in the south, where we learn to shed the past the way Serpent sheds her skin. Through indegenious alchemy transform your sources of suffering into sources of power and compassion. We free ourselves from those stories that controls our lives. Receive Rites of Passage, which will assist you in building your Mesa and propel you on a journey of transformation.

The Jaguar path of the West
In the West; we learn the practices of the luminous warrior; to step beyond fear, violence and beyond death.  We release our genetic and karmic limitations so we are no longer defined by them. Receive Rites as guardians and keepers of the earth.

The Hummingbird Path of the North
The North is the place of the mystery teachings; the ancient knowledge. Learn to taste knowledge directly from Spirit by letting go of your roles and how they define you, tasting the sweetness of your essence. We will learn the mastery of time, to step out of ordinary time and into sacred time. Come to know your lineage of light carriers and step into the lineage of the Q’ero elders. As we begin to remember the ancient knowledge that can be experienced but not told. Receive Rites as keepers of the mountains. 

The Eagle-Condor path of the East
From the North you go on to the East; the place of the Eagle, condor, the visionary, the seer. Where you look at the possibilities before you look at the reasons why they can’t work. The visionary understands that through the act of seeing you can bring the world into being. You will retrieve your highest destiny and the possibilities of your becoming. You will de-construct yourself and re-create yourself to create a new world. Receive the Rites of the star beings and the Creator’s rite.

The wisdom of these transmissions will change the way you heal, the way you age, and the way you approach life.

Each direction starts on Friday 9 am and ends Sunday 5 pm, the cost is $495.00 per class (taxes included) R&B available at the  L’Intermède Auberge & Spa in Ste-Adèle, Qc
It is highly recommended to enroll for the complete journey through the wheel.

A deposit of $100 is required at registration plus 3 postdated cheques of $50 each for the other directions. Deposits are non-refundable.

Payments are made to JADE CHABOT HEALING ARTS
Mail to : 44 rue des Lupins, Ste-Marguerite du lac Masson, QC J0T 1L0

Reserve and pay now with PayPal

For more information and registration contact Jade at 514-894-1755

To book your room contact Anne at  1-450-229-3841

This training is accredited by the Four Winds Society ( and offered in collaboration with Lynn Berryhill, senior teacher of the Healing the Light Body School, Utah, USA

Lynn Berryhill

The South :     May 25, 26, 27
The West :  September 21, 22, 23
The North : November 30 et December 1, 2,
The East :    March 8, 9, 10  2013

 Are you ready to embark on the greatest journey of your life ?

Contact jade today at
514 894-1755

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